Nelo, born name Jack Daniels Chavarria; born on February 14, 1994, is a Colombian entrepreneur, businessman  and motivational speaker. Empirical investment financial analyst, specialized in financial equations and algorithms, creator of the financial algorithm and SAM (System Algorithm Monitored) neural network, He is the CEO/Founder of Nelo Group Technological Innovation Holding, where the Nelo Space project is considered the first private space startup of Latin America with the prototype of an aerospace ship propelled by magnetic levitation.

Originally from a small town called Yarumal, located in a rural area of the department of Antioquia, Colombia. From an early age, he learned the importance of improving himself and dreaming big, motivated by the adversities and challenges he faced in his childhood and adolescence. Despite not having had the opportunity of a higher education and for a while living on the streets, He always stood out for his great creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with Perseverance, Constance and Patience.

From a young age, he became interested in the stock markets when he saw his first film Wall Street with Michael Douglas (1987), which marked him for life and he learned empirically to invest and manage his own money. Over time, he became an expert in this field and managed to make significant profits thanks to his vision and skills with his Nelo Asset Management fund.

Despite the difficulties he faced on his way, he never lost his passion for business and always looked for new opportunities to grow and improve. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found several successful companies in different sectors, which allowed him to acquire extensive experience in the business world and become a benchmark in his field.